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 In the past, there was a perception that the existence of large companies was an advantage for countries’ economics and the larger the company, the more dynamic and powerful the economics would be. But developments of technology market in recent decades, has caused basic changes in the structure of large companies. Since large companies, according to their particular structures, do not have the needed flexibility in responding to consumers, this issue has provided an opportunity for small and mediocre companies to thrive.
In recent years, small and medium technology based firms have found the key role in economic development of countries in a way that they are referred to as the country's economic growth engine. Small and medium technology based firms can quickly respond to changes in the market, offering products and customized services to customers and adjust themselves to these changes. Of course this is important that also the small and medium firms due to the lack of mass production infrastructure, sufficient investment and access to market channels cannot turn their technologies into effective innovations. Regarding to this, the global experience suggests that for survival in the market and find their proper role, small and medium firms have to collaborate with each other and create complementary assets and capabilities; hence, the governments should not neglect either large industrial companies or small and medium technology based firms.

Network of technology Transfer brokers
Generally, in world’s science and technology systems, various models have been identified and defined for the relationship between small and large companies. One of the experienced models in the world for the relationship between small and large companies is the use of third actors called “intermediary or technology brokers.”
Technology transfer brokers, link small technology based firm (technology providers) to large industrial companies (technology applicants) and simplify their interactions. Mentioned brokers, identify the problems and needs of industry via different paths such as: attending exhibitions, holding meetings or industrial visits and register them in a work frame called “industrial demand”. In the following, these brokers, by searching in different sections like, universities, Incubator or New Technology Base Firm, identify proper technology or technological solution for solving industrial need and link them together. Income model of technology transfer brokers is also based on getting paid for this relationship fees and contracting the exchange of technology between technological and applicant companies. According to this, to facilitate small and large business communication through technology transfer brokers, nanotechnology development headquarter has launched a network under the name of “INTT” which is centered around technology transfer brokers.
In order to provide technology transfer brokers with special facilities, in this network in addition to physical deployment of brokers and provision of facilities such as work desk, Internet, telephone, fax; the network management has been working on drafting a policy of protecting technology transfer brokers. Also, in order to enabling brokers, the network management holds different training courses such as understanding the requirements of small businesses, monitoring the market, familiarizing with the rights of technology transfer contracts for brokers.
To facilitate the technology transfer processes and the ability to manage projects, “INTT” has launched a system for registering and tracking industrial demands under the name of “technology exchange system”.
Iran Nano Technology Transfer (INTT 

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